Message From The Veterinarian

“Too many people are feeding the wrong things to their horses. In my veterinary practice, I have seen horses that are too heavy, too thin, hyperactive or malnourished despite the best intentions of their owners. Frequently, the problem has been related to feeding too much grain and not enough forage. That’s why I decided to provide this Web site as an educational resource to horse owners and develop a horse feed that would provide a square meal – in other words, a Total Mixed Ration – for horses in one bag. I wanted to help horse owners do the right thing for their animals. And as an animal-lover, I want animals to feel healthy and satisfied.”

“In my veterinary practice, I saw many well-meaning horse owners who did not have access to information about the right way to feed a horse to keep it healthy. I hated seeing animals get sick unnecessarily. That lead me down the path to use my experience and education to develop Square Meal Horse Feed, a science-based, Total Mixed Ration solution where everything the horse owner needs to know is in the bag.”

I invite you to read more deeply about these issues on this site. We want to help you make better decisions for your horses.


Dr. Harlan Anderson, DVM

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