Sharing over 150 years of our family’s leading
innovation in hay and forage with your family

Square Meal BiscuitsTM is a grain-free, complete diet hay biscuit, high in fiber and protein, and low sugar and starch.

We blend quality alfalfa and grass, balance it with a non-GMO vitamin and mineral supplement, and then form it into a soft biscuit so none of the nutrition is lost.

Our biscuits are scientifically designed and nutritionally balanced to be fed free choice, which is healthy and natural for the horse and more convenient for the horse owner.

Just make Square Meal BiscuitsTM available free-choice, along with loose iodized salt, and plenty of fresh water. That’s it!



Horse owners have especially enjoyed our biscuits because of…


Quality, Availability, and Price


Easy and clean to handle, transport, store, and feed


One feed simplifies feeding and reduces or eliminates feeding mistakes


Significantly reduces waste and storage space compared to baled hay

Peace of Mind

Eliminates the stress and unknowns of finding and buying the next load of hay


Our feed is backed by years of research at Land Grant Universities across the country

No Grain

By using quality forages we have eliminated grain which can be harmful to horses

Body Condition

Helps maintain a shiny coat, bone and muscle strength, and athletic performance

Gastric Health

Supports gastric health, proper pH, and a balanced hindgut microbial environment

Overall Health

The overall health and demeanor they see in their horse after using our product