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    Square Meal is a "Total Mixed Ration." Soft, palatable, roughly 1.25-inch square "biscuits" of Square Meal contain mostly
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    Royal Prince Reggie, black colt bred by Lisa Mills, Arete Farm, Loretto, MN. Exclusively fed Square Meal Feed
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    In my veterinary practice, I saw many well-meaning horse owners who did not have access to information about

About Square Meal Feeds






Square Meal Feeds are researched, developed and manufactured by Dr. Harlan Anderson, DVM, a veterinarian in Cokato, Minn. The Anderson farm, affectionately called Idle Acres, is a fifth generation farming operation. In addition to his veterinary practice, Dr. Anderson has maintained an active hay, corn and soybean operation. He has a solid link to the land and the animals that rely on the fruits of the land.


Benefits of Square Meal Feeds

  • Low sugar/Low starch product made with high quality forages
  • Significantly reduces the waste typically seen with feeding traditional hay bales
  • A complete feed, eliminating need for grain, concentrates, and other supplements
  • Simplifies feeding and reduces or eliminates feeding mistakes
  • Reduces labor for feeding horses and cleaning stalls/barn
  • Easy and clean to handle, transport, and store
  • Designed to be fed free choice which is the way a horses digestive system is meant to be fed
  • Backed by years of Research at Multiple Universities¬†

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