Square Meal Products


 Non GMO:

ralcoOur products packaged under the Square Meal Feeds label are non-GMO! They are made with forages from non-GMO seeds, and mixed with a non-GMO supplement supplied by Ralco Nutrition.


Square Meal Biscuits – Product Line-up:

Next Generation
Happy Horse
Equine Winner
Senior Supper
NextGeneration-620x400 HappyHorse2-620x400 Equine-Winner-Front-Only-70 SeniorSupper-620x400

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(40# bags)

(40# bags)

(40# bags)

(35# bags)

Hay Biscuit

Hay Biscuit is a non-GMO product made from an alfalfa/grass mix, but with no vitamin/mineral supplement. It is an ideal forage source for any plant-eating animal including sheep, goats, calves, and others. Like our other products, they are in biscuit form to ensure leaves and stems cannot be separated, but are shorter and softer than traditional alfalfa cubes.

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(1) Square Meal Biscuits – Next Generation – for the horse’s first two years of life.

(2) Square Meal Biscuits – Happy Horse – for maintaining health of the horse in its middle years.

(3) Square Meal Biscuits – Equine Winner – for the active or performance horse

(4) Square Meal Biscuits – Senior Supper – for the horse 20 years of age and older. (This product is easier for the aging horse to eat. The horse has teeth that continue erupting until approximately age 30. Because some horses outlive their tooth structure, Square Meal Mature can be an important part of assuring an adequate diet for mature animals.)


Key characteristics of Square Meal

Total Mixed Ration Feed

Square Meal is a “Total Mixed Ration.” Soft, palatable, roughly 1.25-inch square “biscuits” of Square Meal contain mostly forage – high-quality alfalfa and grasses – combined with minerals and vitamins. The long fiber length of the forage in the biscuit makes it more appealing to the horse than pellets, as well as improving horse digestion. As the name implies, it’s a complete diet for the horse when combined with plenty of fresh water and free choice loose salt.

Feed Consistency

The consistency of the feed is an important factor. Square Meal is a biscuit, which is easier for the horse to break apart, chew and digest than hay cubes or powdered, reconstituted pellets on the market. Horses also like the texture of Square Meal Biscuits.


  • Total Mixed Ration Feed
  • Consistency – every mouthful is the same.
  • No Guesswork – no mistakes.
  • No Grains
  • High Quality Forage Guaranteed
  • Low Sugar/Low Starch Option for Horses with metabolic issues
  • Appropriate Age Condition Feed
  • Free Choice Feeding
  • Biscuit Delivering Nutritional Value
  • Horses Enjoy Square Meal Biscuits
  • Greatly Reduces Waste
  • Ease to Move and Dispense
  • Easily Transportable Feed
  • Works Well with Grazing Season
  • Balanced Energy Level
  • Reduces Manure
  • Backed by Years of Research

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