Why Square Meal Feeds?

Royal Prince Reggie, black colt bred by Lisa Mills, Arete Farm, Loretto, MN. Exclusively fed Square Meal Feed biscuits from birth. His dam was fed Square Meal Feeds exclusively during the entire pregnancy and lactation period

  • Low sugar/Low starch product made with high quality forages
  • Significantly reduces the waste typically seen with feeding traditional hay bales
  • A complete feed, eliminating need for grain, concentrates, and other supplements
  • Simplifies feeding and reduces or eliminates feeding mistakes
  • Reduces labor for feeding horses and cleaning stalls/barn
  • Easy and clean to handle, transport, and store
  • Designed to be fed free choice which is the way a horses digestive system is meant to be fed
  • Backed by years of Research at Multiple Universities


“There’s no waste with it.  It’s a complete feed.  They eat the whole thing.”
– Milo Miller, Horse Trainer

For the seven years of TMR feeding trials, we have not had a single feed-related problem to date with the research horses.
– Dr. Sarah Ralston, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey


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