We developed a patented process to blend our forages and form it into a biscuit to ensure every bite is the same with no separation of the leaves and stems. Gone are the days of buying inconsistent hay bales.


Our biscuits are not ditch hay, but a blend of premium, field grown alfalfa and grass that includes the entire plant for maximum nutrition. Our forages are sun-dried to perfection so you no longer have to worry about buying dusty, moldy hay.


We’ve been raising all of our own forage for our customers for over 40 years on our 5th generation family farm. You won’t have to worry if your source of hay is going to be turned into a corn field, sold to someone else, or suffer winter-kill.


The price of hay can swing wildly from one year to the next, or even one auction lot to the next. Our customers have enjoyed and appreciated the price stability we’ve provided them for over a generation. 


Clean to handle

Our biscuits are dry, compact, and clean to handle; making it easier to provide forage to your animals. Their densified form ensures the nutrients end up in your animal and not all over the floor.

Easy to transport

Our 40 lb recyclable bags are easy to transport in your vehicle or move around your barn without special equipment. This also makes it simple to bring along if you’re traveling with your animals to shows or on trail rides.   

Simple to store

Our densified biscuits take up less space and are cleaner to store than hay bales, making storage simpler for you. Our bags are recyclable, unlike many traditional feed bags, which is more environmentally friendly to dispose.


No separation

Most of a forage’s nutrients are in the leaves, while the stems are high in fiber, which is important to the animals digestive health. Our biscuit is formed specifically to prevent separation of the leaves and the stems so your animal gets the nutrition it needs in every bite.  

Little to no waste

Fed properly, there is virtually no waste with our biscuits. The nutrition found in the forage is not lost to the wind, manure, dirt, or sawdust.  


Square Meal Biscuits has been amazing for helping to maintain the weight and topline of our rescue horse, Clancy. I love how healthy he looks!
– Tammy Nielsen, Horse Owner

“There’s no waste with it. It’s a complete feed. They eat the whole thing.
– Milo Miller, Horse Trainer

Square Meals Biscuits has been amazing in supporting my show horses’ gastric health. It’s also a lot safer in managing bigger barns and ensuring all of the horses receive the best nutrition.”
– Rahn Greimann, Horse Owner and Owner/Editor of MidWest Horse Digest in Blue Earth

Rock Star is a black G. O. V. mare bred by Lisa Mills, Arete Farm, Loretto, MN. Exclusively fed Square Meal Feed biscuits from birth. Her dam was fed Square Meal Feeds exclusively during the entire pregnancy and lactation period.

I have fed my horses Square Meal Feeds since 2005. I have raised three foals exclusively on it and also fed the broodmare exclusively Square Meal Feeds. Having had a horse with metabolic issues, it’s important to me that the sugar and starch content is low.  The protein content is high enough to build and maintain muscle on my dressage horses.  My 25 year old mare has worn several teeth down to her gums, but Senior Supper keeps her weight on and is easier for her to chew and digest than regular hay. I can’t imagine going back to trying to find a hay supplier and then wondering what the sugar/starch content and protein content is, especially when it can vary from bale to bale, let alone supplier to supplier.  Square Meal Feeds is easy to find, easy to feed, nutritionally consistent, and is in front of my horses almost 24/7, creating a natural environment for my horses’ health and happiness.”
– Lisa Mills, Horse Owner

I am finding no gastric health issues in horses being fed free choice biscuits with no grain.”
– Dr. Kevin Kline, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

For the seven years of TMR feeding trials, we have not had a single feed-related problem to date with the research horses.”
– Dr. Sarah Ralston, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

It is possible that low glycemic-index feeds, such as forages, may not lead to reductions in insulin sensitivity even at greater degrees of body condition.
– Dr. Shannon Pratt-Phillips, North Carolina State University

Jean White’s Welsh Cob Pony, Lascaux Ginkgo “Wilson.” Photo by Faye Kramer.

My Welsh Cob Pony eats Square Meal Happy Horse. I love the product and how shiny and healthy our ponies are when eating Square Meal Biscuits.”
– Jean White, Horse Breeder 




“We have had our 11 miniature horses solely on this product for the last year and they are thriving! Thank you Square Meal Feeds!”
– Linda Steinhauer, Horse Owner

I switched to Square Meal Feeds in June of 2014. It’s the best nutritional decision I have ever made for my 20-30 horses!”
Cary Bartz, Owner and Head Trainer/Instructor at Valiant Stables and School of Horsemanship

I wanted to personally thank you for your OUTSTANDING product. I evacuated my horse 300 miles north of where I live and the convenience of the bagged hay was unbelievable! I watched others carrying huge bales of hay and most of it ended up on the ground wasted. Thank you very much for helping my horse stay healthy and happy during a very trying time. No one involved with hurricane Irma will forget her devastation even though most are now safe and sound. I pray for all of you still suffering from Harvey. Thanks again!”
– Bonnie Brooks, Horse Owner

“My 32 year old is doing great on the senior biscuit! Thank you for a great product!”
– Facebook comment

Taylor Niece and her horse, Twist, after winning High Point at the Little Mountain Wrangler’s Show at the Wright County fair

“Square Meal Biscuits keeps Twist running her best, feeling great, looking amazing, and maintaining her health without breaking the bank or worrying about feeding her too much.”
– Taylor Niece, Horse Owner

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