Why Square Meal Feeds



The horse has evolved and survived for centuries. The digestive system of the horse has done very well on a diet of forages they have found in plentiful supply in their natural environment. Man tamed these animals and has used them for transportation and other work tasks. The industrial revolution has helped reduce the workload on the horse and is used primarily today for recreational purposes. The taming of the horse has also changed the environment of the horse today.

Today’s horse is usually fenced, penned or housed in a controlled environment.

Today, horses’ available room to run and feed is now all controlled by man.

A properly cared for horse can be a wonderful companion. A well-trained horse can bring a lot of enjoyment to the competitive horse owner. Thus, riding a healthy well-cared for horse can be a pleasant experience for the horse as well as the horse owner. We have learned that feeding and housing a horse as close to the way they lived in a natural environment is the best place to start. The ability of a horse to move about freely and to graze or eat at will, will always result in a happier horse.